Ordered the WORX grass/edger for home use and recieved it at the end of April 2008. Used it once in April, once in May and once in June. Went to use in July and the battery will only stay charged for 15 seconds of use. I followed all the instructions correctly but still will only stay charged for 15 seconds. Call customer service and was informed that I would have to buy another battery.

This is totally unacceptable for a product of this price and the performance is not even all that great either.

Yup, I'm pissed.

Larry Bond

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I ordered the worx grasstrimmer and the batttery will only stay charged for approx. 15 seconds and thats being generous.I am very disappointed in the quality of this product,it's not anything like the commercials advertise.THE PRODUCT IS DEFINITELY A RIP OFF.


not a good product,do not recommend


The WORX trimmer is not what it is advertized to be. Battery power is extremely poor.

I have yet to trim & edge my small yard without battery failure. Tech support must think we're *** because they informed me that the battery nust be charged and completely discharged 10 times before it will retain the full charge.

When i mentioned the 3x around a foot ballfield, i was informed that the person shown was not cutting. I can't run that fast. And they don't tell you in the ad that the battery is only good for 45 minutes.

I'm too old to run around my yard.

I wanted something simple and got it. A simple Toy.

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