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you call the worx customer service number 1-866-354-9679 & you get a recording telling you they are currently calling back customers who requested a return phone call, to try back in one hour when there lines open back up, well no matter what time of day you call, all you get is that recording, you can't get thru to customer service, this is a joke, other companies may keep you on hold for 40 minutes or you call a foreign country, but EVENTUALLY you get to speak to someone. I wouldn't hav eminde if there WAS a way to leave my phone number. Worx is the worst, You may have the best product, when you HIDE from your customers, something is very wrong

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Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #659960

No Service - do not purchase


Similar problems. Lame website: absolutely no record of recent orders, no tracking info, no email, no address, only the phone number which either: i)gets no agent or, ii) says they are calling people back.

If you purchase off the website, the shipping input fails to explain that, what appears as Fedex, is really a USPS shipment. So, if you are in a rural area with no home delivery and only PO boxes, the shipment gets returned as undeliverable.

If you want their equipment and want to be handled like a real consumer, don't buy direct, buy through a reseller. I finally sent an email to an England office asking them to have someone call me...

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