I bought this item summer before last! I let them talk me into paying extra money and buying a larger battery for longer run time, 24 volt ion!

What a joke! It seemed to work well but, with a short work time even for a 24 volt! My 18 volt i-on battery run drills last much much longer than this thing will! So I was already upset that I had let these people get over on me to start with!

The tool works pretty well as long as you can get a workable battery, except that you also have to keep turning the thing upside down to manually extend the trimmer line and it eats it up in a hurry! Last year I had to contact them, because the battery would not charge at all, just from sitting over the winter! The battery and charger where both kept in the house, so they were not exposed to undue conditions! I let them talk me into buying a bigger battery for it when I bought it because I figured I'd get better service and run time out of the 24 volt battery!

I had to call them twice last year, and it took about 3 weeks to finally get a working battery, also thanks to UPS leaving the thing on the porch in the open pouring rain! But, again this year is the second season that I have had to contact the company about replacing the battery! I don't really know at this point if I will get a new battery for it or not! You can not talk to a live human with this company!

I have nasty grammed them but, to no avail! I feel for the kind of money I paid for the tool originally, I should get better service, and a lot longer run time than ten to fifteen minutes on a 24 watt ion battery! And I should get a battery that works more than a few months at a time to start with! I'd like to find out how many other people around this country have gotten screwed out of a lot of money for the tools this company sells, and feel the same way I do!

I feel I am due my whole purchase price, and shipping and handling price for all the hassle this tool has caused me! Seems like all these cheap economy companies are selling all these tools for almost nothing now! I wonder why? Amazon has this same tool for $59.00 and free shipping now!

I think this company made their money, took the money and ran with it! If I knew then what I know now, WORX couldn't give me one of these machines on a bet! If you need a trimmer or edger, pay the little bit of extra money and go buy the real thing, don't waste your money with this tool, or your time and money with this company! What a scam, and rip-off as far as I am concerned!

I will never buy another thing from this company, and if we all do that, they will be out of business before long!

I'd really like to know if there is a class action lawsuit against them anywhere in the country, because I would really like to get in on it! Thanks for listening, and maybe this will keep some other unsuspecting bystander from getting caught up in this ***!

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i have the same problems with the battery. 6x charges and dead.

we are not alone.

have seen many complaints on line and the company is not backing their product. i am looking for a class action lawsuit.

Georgetown, Massachusetts, United States #644245

Couldn't agree more that this trimmer is the biggest POS that I've ever owned. Made it thru one frustrating season constantly recharging the battery along the way.

Went to break it out this week and the battery won't accept a charge. I may have used it 15 times max!

Do not buy this product unless you like throwing money out the window.

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