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3 batteries. None good. Called 3 times yesterday. 1 1/2 hours on hold. Then their computer "crashed" and told me to call back.

I commented on their FB and they deleted me 2x. They deleted a friend once (her initials CH) and another person (initials MAJ) also.

I would like to use the disabled vet card, but I don't even think that would matter at this point.

All I want is my $400 lawnmower to work. That's it. Not much, right? So much for being eco-minded. I'm going back to destroying the planet with petroleum!

Monetary Loss: $440.

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most battery needs contact cleaning have to remove the cover unscrew the wire on the battery and check the 6 cells maybe some are dry if some add deionized water you find it at auto part never never add water from home my advice use a 12 volt car charger to charge the battery 2 amps one battery at the time tought my battery was dead but i bring it alive and my opinion those chargers come with those mower they are to strong make battery boiling inside and with time the acid evaporated


I agree with spin2415, Worx customer service is horrible. It must be an outsourced service.

I can't imagine how this business is going to survive like this.

They lost me and would not recommend their products to anyone. A waste of good plastic.


Last summer I had the engine replaced. It worked for 2 weeks and died again.

Replaced battery with an Interstate. Still dead. Today I sawed the lawnmower in half, and put a hinge on it so it looks like the hood of a tiny car. As long as most of the parts are discontinued, I thought I'd rebuild it with my own parts.

Now it appears that it was the interior of the handle; something (now missing/maybe a spring) was not pushing the switch closed.

Like you, I wasted much time with battery advice. This is a very shoddy product, but I will improve it.


UPDATE: Replaced the charging unit. Battery is/was fine all along.

After three replacements, I talked them into a new charger. Works great now.

Of course, I contacted the BBB first. I think that might have had something to do with it.


Check out this answer on Midagedman! Battery connection issue sometimes it seems.


I am going through the exact same scenario as Overgrown. On hold for 40 minutes, the 25 minutes then told to contact Parts & Svc, whereupon the rep told me that its over a year since purchase so it out of warranty.

I'm in the process of having Home Depot research this issue with WORX since it is one of their online vendors for

Decent product until there's a problem. They need to spend less on marketing and dedicate more funds to customer service or they're not going to survive green economy or not.

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