Five days ago I complained to Worx on their website about the battery to my grass trimmer. Less then a year old and the lithium battery is toast.

Perhaps there is a reason that it didn't survive the non use of a canadian winter but they didn't even bother responding. The trimmer is first class ... when it works but is of little use when there is no power. All I can say is "Wow ....

what an amazing company this could have been"

Now I'm looking for a company that has a trimmer that is close the the Worx trimmer because I won't buy from this company again.

(And to think I hunted for this product after what I saw it could do in an advertisement .... I know, foolish)

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The grass trimmer is a great product when you can use it. The battery lasts maybe 20 mins.

Now after a year it won't charge at all.

The infomerical says it can cut a football field. This is not true.


I too am having trouble getting a response either by email or phone. I have tried to contact them through their website 3 times with no response.

Good product when it works, but am having power button sticking in ON position issues! :(


can I put a24v battery on the model wg150

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