Bought the Worx cordless trimmer.Battery lasts 15 minutes.

After one use it stops charging. Company took a month to replace the battery and the second battery has a life of 15 min also. The company then begins disconnecting me, sending me to voice mail, giving me phone numbers that do not work. I emailed them numerous times on their website but have never received an reply.

Search the web...dozens and dozens of complaints just like this. Class Action Lawsuit anyone? Someone needs to hold these people accountable for their false advertising and poor product.

I will post my complaints everywhere.If you have been ripped off by this company please do the same!!

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have you tried taking it to home depot? I see where they sell that product. might be worth a try.


I also bought the Worx trimmer and although it does a good job of cutting grass/weeds around my flower beds, the battery does not last like they claim it will last. Their ad says they can go around a football field, twice, and if they are using the same battery I have, they must be flat out running because I only get 15 minutes tops per charge. This is a 'rip off' first class.


We bought the lithium worx trimmer in May 2010 and found the battery failed two months later.We were able to get another lithium battery, but this failed as well when I tried to use it this spring.

I and my spouse have requested multiple call backs, but have not received one for the last 5 business days. My spouse has filled out two email requests, attempted on-line chat without any success. From original purchase, the battery warrantly will expire in a few days. I would truly agree that customer service is extremely unreliable.

I would highly recommend that nobody purchase this Worx trimmer. Please, please understand that you will lose money, and customer satisfaction if you decide to purchase this Worx trimmer. Unfortunately I believe this is an unrighteous company that looks to "steal" your money. The top administrators have two choices: 1) either not honor their product and "steal" from the customers, or 2) honor their product and provide some kind of monetary refund that will please the people who have this trimmer.

Since I don't believe I will receive any help soon I will probably have to go out and buy something else.Although this is not my 1st choice as I have made numerous attempts with the Worx company, I will trust in God that he will provide.

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