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After trying to order a lawnmower from the company, impossible to get the hold of them to confirm my order, a call to their phone connected me to their "customer service" answering machine!!! giving me an e-mail address...that doesn't exist !!!!

I had read before about the poor quality of their customer service...prompting me not to buy any of their products ! If I have a hard time just ordering their stuff.... I can only imagine what would happens if it brakes down !!! Thank's to WORX for letting me down....

before purchasing , avoiding me future aggravation, if the product fails... which seems more than likely in sight of their business operations !

It's not just the's the way incompetents people "run" ( to the ground in this case.) their business ! Again, thank's to WORX for warning me ahead of time about what a mess the company is !

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Similar problems. Lame website: absolutely no record of recent orders, no tracking info, no email, no address, only the phone number which either: i)gets no agent or, ii) says they are calling people back.

If you purchase off the website, the shipping input fails to explain that, what appears as Fedex, is really a USPS shipment. So, if you are in a rural area with no home delivery and only PO boxes, the shipment gets returned as undeliverable.

If you want their equipment and want to be handled like a real consumer, don't buy direct, buy through a reseller. I finally sent an email to an England office asking them to have someone call me...


I just purchased a *** trimmer. The instructions sucked; pictures only.

I finally figured out the assembly of the pieces. I loaded the battery, trimmed around a few small trees and it stopped working. I assumed the battery needed to be charged. I plugged in the charger (the fast one I upgraded to) loaded the battery and all I have is a red light.

It is supposed to charge in 20 minutes. Nothing except a red light and then the battery gets warm. You would think with a new product that one could call up and get a replacement battery immediately. Wrong.

They are only open during regular business hours. There are no real people to talk to, just circular reference to their websites. They already have a recall for the battery the help line says, but to quality you have to log into their battery hotline to find out it yours is covered.

What a pile a ***. Give me my money back!!!!!

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